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Here are the women and men who either in history or are currently pioneers in revealing the anatomy and nature of the clitoris and it's infinite potential for pleasure.

Dr. Robert Dickinson
Once known as "the Dean of American Gynecoloigsts," he published detailed anatomical drawings of female pelvic anatomy well before World War I. His work was largely ignored or considered unimportant drivel by his collegues. He estimated that the length of the average adult clitoris from the tip of the glans to the ends of the crura is about 4", with all except the glans located inside the body.

You can
read an article he wrote in 1887 regarding the physical effects on women of wearing corets.

"Female sexuality was an insatiable drive that had been repressed for the sake of maintaining a civilized agrarian society"

Dr. Mary Sherfey

Dr. Mary Jane Sherfey, a writer on female sexuality and a psychiatrist in New York and Texas.  She wrote many articles on female sexuality including her essay, "A Theory on Female Sexuality" (1966), where she noted that "the strength of the sex drive determines the force required to suppress it." Dr. Sherfey was also the author of "The Nature and Evolution of Female Sexuality", (1972) which introduced the concept that "female sexuality was an insatiable drive that had been repressed for the sake of maintaining a civilized agrarian society" and helped to explain why knowledge of the clitoris had been ignored or forbidden for over three hundred years. It initially took took form as an article contesting the existence of vaginal orgasm, published in the Journal of the American Psychoanalytic Association in 1966.


Shere Hite
Sex educator and feminist whose sexological work has focused primarily on female sexuality and on understanding how individuals regard sexual experience and the meaning it holds for them. Hite, not denying the value of the work done by her predecessors, criticized Masters and Johnson's work for incorporating cultural attitudes on sexual behavior into their research such as the belief that enough clitoral stimulation to achieve orgasm should be provided by thrusting during intercourse, and inferring that the failure of this is a sign of female sexual dysfunction. Hite's work showed that 70% of women do not have orgasms through in-out, thrusting intercourse, but are able to achieve orgasm easily by masturbation or other direct clitoral stimulation.  She also criticized Masters and Johnson and Kinsey for the notion that female orgasm during coitus was normal, and women who do not experience this are dysfunctional, something that her own research strongly refuted.


Federation of Feminist Women's Health Centers
Federation of Feminist Women's Health Centers was originally located in Los Angeles and called the Feminist Women's Health Center. Opening in 1968, it was the first women's self help clinic of it's kind. The clinic encouraged the use of safe methods of contraception and stressed the necessity for continued and woman controlled research into the efficacy of all methods of contraception.

In the early 1970's they became a federation when other clinics opened first in Santa Anna and then Oakland, CA The federations first book was published in 1975 titled "Women's Health in Women's Hands" It became the precursor to "New View of a Woman's Body" in 1981.

With the intention to assist women in learning more about well woman health care, self examination, and well woman self care techniques. This information was intended not to replace but to compliment the knowledge and expertise of health care providers, and to enable women to become more informed consumers in partnership with their health care practitioners.

Anne Koedt
Author of "The Myth of the Vaginal Orgasm"
Very little is known about Miss Koedt except that her article was refutted and attacked for her extreme feminist views. Regardless, it was a bold manuver at the time and is full of excellent information on the topic.

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Rebecca Chaulker

Author of "The Clitoral Truth: The Secret World at You Fingertips"
In her own words:
In talking to women about sexuality, it became clear to me that the reason that so many women are disappointed in sex is that their sexuality is defined according to male standards. By this I mean that sex is intercourse-focused, which works very well for men, but not reliably for women. In addition, most women, men, doctors, and many sex therapists, still think that the clitoris is this teeny pea-sized bump, and that women's sexual response is not as powerful as men's. What people call the clitoris is just the tip (or glans), and is only one of many parts-that all have corresponding parts in the penis-and work in a similar way to produce orgasm. I thought that if women could understand how all of the parts of the clitoris work together to produce orgasms, that they would be better able to explore and enhance their sexual response. 


"For over 2,500 years, the clitoris and the penis were presumed to be equivalent in all respects. After the 18th century, however, this knowledge was gradually suppressed and forgotten, and the definition of the clitoris as an extensive organ system all but disappeared."

Betty Dodson
For more than 20 years, Betty Dodson has been dedicated to taking the shame out of masturbation, showing it to be a healthy form of sexual expression. With warmth and intelligence, and informative line drawings, Dodson explains how anyone can learn to fully enjoy the pleasures of self-love, pointing out that masturbation is still the safest sex.

Clitorian Favorite:
Betty's Internal Clitoris clip on
(You need to be 18 or over to view)

The Welcomed Consensus
Internationally known sensuality and sexuality educators, the seven partners of Welcomed Consensus have collectively researched female orgasm for over 100 years. Founded in 1992, they offer courses and videos dedicated to better communication between partners, better and more intimate relationships.

In there own words:
Through the technique called Deliberate Orgasm (DOing), men and women can learn to experience and produce an extended orgasm in their own and their partner's body Deliberate Orgasm (DOing) is when two people agree to put their attention on one person's body to create optimum pleasure and is a method of producing orgasm in a woman's body through manual stimulation of her clitoris. The fingertip is a precise touching instrument that has more control than any other body part. More than just a technique, DOing is an art that requires two people who are willing to have fun and pleasure as the goal and communicate about what they notice and feel. Deliberate Orgasm is a sex act in and of itself. As an addition to your sex life, it will enhance all other sexual and sensual experiences.

Clitorian Favorite:
The Clit Board! a place for men and women to talk about Female Orgasm.

Natalie Angier

Author of "Woman: An Intimate Geography"
This book is a celebration of the female body - its anatomy, its chemistry, its evolution, and it's laughter.  It is a personal book my attempt to find a way to think about the biological determination.  It is a book about thinks that we traditionally associate with the image of woman - the womb, the egg, the breast, the blood, the almighty clitoris- and things that we don't - movement, strength, aggression and fury.


"The first and best step to obtaining ones goals, is the realization that one's life is perfect as it is..."

Steve and Vera Bodansky

Doctors Vera and Steve Bodansky have been students and teachers of sensuality and relationships for over 25 years.  Together they have published several books on Extended Massive Orgasm (EMO) and creating more pleasurable relationships. Vera and Steve have been married since 1983 and have been working together since that time instructing thousands of people in the fine art of sexual pleasure.



Ian Kerner
In his book "She Comes First: the Thinking Man's Guide to Pleasuring a Woman", Mr. Kerner further dispells the myth of genital penetration as the focus of sexual pleasure and offers his approach for "consistently leading women to orgasm" through cunnilingus.  This book is loaded with practical anatomical information regarding the 18 distinct parts of the clitoris using graphic line drawings.  He refers to pleasuring a woman through stimulating her clitoris as "core-play, as opposed to foreplay, elevating bringing a woman to orgasm as the main feature in sex. His answer to the question, How long should this last? "Until the woman has an orgasm."


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