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What DO Women Really Want

The fact is, men do not read minds. One of the biggest issues in many relationships is lack of communication, in and out of the bedroom. Was that a "good" moan, or a "move your hand to the left" moan?

What would you do if you asked your partner, "Does that feel good" and she said "No"? Even if you recovered from the blow to your ego and she was still in the mood, what would you do then?

What if her answer was, "I don't know", the possibilities are endless in how to respond to that. And the odds for success are not very good.

If she said : "Yes", would you know beyond the shadow of a doubt exactly what it was you were doing that pleased her? Would you feel confident that you could do it again the next time? Or are you simply left wondering, was it the pressure, the speed, or the length of my stroke? You still don't have much information to go on. The best you can do is start guessing again.

It is no surprise that so many men wonder, "Is it possible for me to know exactly what she wants and give it to her every time?" Well, my answer is an emphatic "Yes". It is possible to train your partner to touch you the way you want and to have both people win while communicating.

The answer to knowing exactly what a woman wants is asking the right questions, and giving the right responses.

What a woman wants may be completely different from one day to the next, even one moment to the next. However, learning to ask winning questions and to formulate winning answers, will give you the tools to ask her to touch you the way you want, to find out how you are pleasing her and to find out exactly what she wants, every time.

These tools will improve your sex life, no matter how long you have known each other, and they can be used in all areas of your life. Since I learned about winning communication my sex life, my orgasm and my relationship have gotten better than I ever dreamed.  No matter what my partner and I are doing, in the bedroom and out, we now know how to ask for exactly what we want, in a way that is fun and feels good.

Communication is key to a great sex life and a great relationship.  If you are interested in the invaluable tool of winning communication, you can learn it from the same place I did. The Welcomed Consensus
Better Communication for Better Orgasm video.

Contributed by Theresa, 2006

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