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We find this to be THE best water based personal lubricant on the market.  It lasts longer than other thinner varieties, making for fewer re-applications and less mess.  Our preference is the previous offered metal tube that doesn't suck in air, making one hand squeezing so much easier, but these days are difficult to find.  You can get KY at just about any drug store for around $5.00, but if you want to save on time, HBA Zone on Amazon has it for the lowest price we have found.

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If longer lasting oil based is more to your liking, our opinion is that there is nothing better for clitoral stimulation than Vaseline brand petroleum jelly.  It has excellent staying power, and a nice drag feeling to it.  We recommend it for external application only, and contrary to popular belief, will helpavoid   health problems often associated with "natural" oils which do go rancid and harbor bacteria if not kept refrigerated.  Grocery stores and supermarkets readily carry various sizes of Vaseline.

This small size that easily fits in your purse or pocket for orgasm on the go. They seem to be a rare find these days, but you can always rely on Amazon.

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You will find Albolene in the make-up section because is actually a moisterizing make-up remover, but someone should give the makers an award for creating the perfect personal lubricant for men. Being oil based it is intended for external use. It has a nice creamy texture that liquifies upon touch, and as vaseline it lasts and lasts, so your hands or his can stay exactly where you want them.  Not all drug stores carry Albolene, but Rite Aid is usually a good place to look first.

Special Note:
We highly recommend the "scent free" version.

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Wash Clothes
Nothing feels better than a soft towel to clean up with after some fun between the sheets.  These 100% velour hand towels aren't only our favorite luxury item, but also the best price around. Lots of colors to choose from.

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Latex Gloves
Through many a trial and sometimes error, we have found that not all latex gloves are created equal. Most gloved you may purchase in a drug store or even an adult shop tend to be thick and feel clumsy to wear.  Once we discovered "medical grade", which are thinner and stronger, we'll never go back.  The draw back to medical grade gloves is that they are usually sold only in bulk. Of the brands we have tried that are avaibale by the box, Medstock is also very reasonably priced and they offer lightly powdered and powder free, in sizes from small to x-large.

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